Professional Air Drying – Residential or Commercial

Protect your environment from microorganisms, mold, bacteria and odors by removing water and moisture.

Following a flood or major water leak, it is vitally important to restore the damaged area to good order as soon as possible to protect your health from microorganisms, mold and bacteria that may grow and ultimately cause further damage. Use dehumidifiers and air blowers to remove and assist with drying areas after water damage.

Bactronix offers fast and professional
drying of floors, walls, ceilings, carpet
and furnishings after water damage.

Drying Service for any water damage in home or business


Water damage is not uncommon.  Almost every homeowner has experienced some type of water in their home or business. It is critical to properly dry your home or building thoroughly to ensure minimal damage and mold growth.
Sewage backup, flooding, plumbing leaks and failures are only a couple of ways your home or business can sustain water damage.


The brochure to the left contains more detail about Bactronix's air drying equipment. Though we highly recommend utilizing our air drying services intially, our equipment is available for rent.
Air Drying Equipment -


Rotary compressor ensures the maximum extraction with the lowest running cost. Install, connect to a permanent drain and forget until the job is complete.
BactroBlower BB-1060

BactroBlower BB-1060

Versatile, 3 speed high capacity air mover. Ideal product for fast and professional drying of floors, walls, ceilings, carpet and furnishing, after water damage and during renovation clean down.


This air scrubber delivers between 250 and 500 cfm. of filtered air. Includes a variable speed setting and has true HEPA filtration with optional carbon/potassium filter for odor control
high capacity directional air movement blower

BactroBlower DBB-3000

High capacity directional air movement blower. The DBB-3000 can be used to extract or replenish air over long distances.
ventilation or moisture extraction


These ducting hoses can be joined to an indefinite length allowing for high volume internal or external air.
tackle the toughest clean-up projects


Offers Wet /Dry innovative technology to tackle the toughest clean-up projects.