MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – The head custodian in the Beaver Area School District and his staff disinfect the school buildings and the administration offices four times a year with BactroKill, a disinfectant manufactured by a local company.

John Hynes, the Director of Business Services says the district began buying BactroKill three years ago.

“We were looking for something that was useful that could kill just about anything and maintain a nice environment with everything as clean as possible and that’s what they offered,” he says. 

They being Bactronix in Moon Township.

Desiree Powell is the manager of the company.

“It is an EPA registered hospital disinfectant. The best part about it is it is eco-friendly, so you’re going to mist down surfaces, any high traffic points,” she says.

“We are sending to homeowners, school officials, hospitals and airports, anywhere there is a high traffic facility is where our product is going right now.”

Product is leaving their warehouse to the tune of 100 cases a day to points all over the country, including nearby Beaver County.
The Beaver Area School District plans to buy more BactroKill in coming weeks before supplies run low due to the coronavirus.

When the company was asked how we know the product kills bacteria including its claim that it kills coronavirus, it answered: “It’s EPA registered, we are just saying it works, the EPA mandates this product, puts it through testing and ensures it does what it does.”